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United Kingdom
Creative Writing Student at London South bank
I have no idea what I truly I want to do in the future, being pressured by all to do something in the form of literature
Jazzy and Zazzy
I want to be a writer, a cosplayer and an organizer

I am having trouble sleeping., Memories of events of a convention come back, haunting me. It was an exciting weekend, yet while do I feel like I am being turned inside out, my soul wishing to rip the memories from my mind and scatter them across the fires of hell. Yet even if these memories are burned, they are like a phoenix, they will reform from the ashes and my mind will shatter.

I am sitting, staring at the screen, tabs open of many job websites and social networking sites, while in the background, music of battle and calamity plays. While in the tabs, Word is awaiting the fingers, the imagination to be formed. It is awaiting for me to start writing, to create, to give birth to a new world. Beings of Fantasy and Technology, Organic and Non Organic, Humans, Animals to be formed from thin air, so they can roam the new world I have created. 

A fan fiction sits awaiting to be completed, so one can see another’s view on how a story could be told. The melody from American Beauty is touching my heart, I feel tears streaming down my face as I type this sentence and listen to the keys of the piano repeat and randomise in a pattern, a melody of patience and love. 

An owl, a night owl, I cannot function ever fully in the day, when the sun is high. It is the common, the normality of this world for everyone to work at full power at day and let their body and mind rest at night. Yet I can progress only full heartily when there is silence outside, I am alone or the moon and stars are out. My body, heart, mind and soul all synchronize when one or all of the conditions have been met. It is astounding to learn this and my mind is at ease, and rarely has any form of cracking, but when I delve into sleep, that is when I have such problems. I cannot explain why I feel this, or when it started, but my memories and outside influences may be the reason.

Nocturnia, a word not created, a simple title that needed be, rather than something blank; “In the Middle of the Night”, The only solace of not breaking and screaming in my sleep is human contact or a physical representation of friends and guardians. I sleep soundly when sleeping next to someone, no matter the gender.I also find peace when I sleep with my soft toys, the current ones have been Ezekiel my Red Forest Guardian, takes the form of a Red Bear Toy with sharp claws, and Noir, a Shinx Plushie. 

Heart of Courage echoes throughout my ears, yet its a different variation. I do not know why someone must read this, I am releasing steam, as it is the only thing that is keeping me sane. Lies, Lies, LIES, I cannot fathom what is truth and what is fake, my head is splitting, I am having trouble writing with proper grammar and punctuation, I must use spell check and hopefully make sense to the natives of the internet. 

My wrists are acting up, veins sprouting on the backs of my hand, I have begun to free write everything around me. The Music has become more dubstep, remixed, beating in different senses and times than the original, but I can still see myself running into battle with this playing behind me. 

A song, Wall of Sound, by A-list Music. This music calms the heart and mind. I am not a Believer in Christianity, and I do not truthfully pray to any god, but I hope when I pass away, my soul joins the life stream of this planet so I can see everything and know everything and have peace, rather than being diligent my entire life and following the words of a book, that is known as the first fan fiction, but instead live my life truthfully, doing good and best for friends, family and myself. I put others before me, I do not care for violence, yet I was called out and rumoured to have caused hate and pain towards people, which I wish not to believe. 

My mind is calming to a point I hope I can sleep, without waking in the middle of the night, sweating and wishing to strike myself in the heart.

Good Night, fellow natives of the internet. 

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